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2016 AFS Fall Family and friends golf outing

The Pittsburgh Chapter wishes to recognize and thank the “Hole Sponsors” and those who provided donations for the Fall Golf Outing on September 14 at Hartmann’s Summer Resort. Through their generosity we were able to give out door-prizes to all the golfers.


3d printing talk

In February 2017 Howard Kuhn from the University of Pittsburgh spoke to the AFS Pittsburgh Chapter on 3d printing. Thank you to Howard for the wonderful talk.

tour of ge-cata

In March 2017 the AFS Pittsburgh Chapter toured the GE CATA facility in Imperial Pennsylvania. The tour, followed by a presentation was given by Mike Shaffer, Additive Manufacturing Engineer for GE Center for Additive Technology Advancement (CATA). Thank you to Mike and the entire GE CATA Facility.

Foundry in a box demonstration

In April 2017, Tyler Straub of Rex Heat Treat and Henry Kemp of Duraloy Technologies, Inc. gave a foundry in a box demonstration to illustrate the basics of castings. Thank you to both Tyler and Henry for your demonstration.



AFS Summer Family and Friends Golf Outing

On June 14 the AFS Pittsburgh Chapter held a summer golf outing at the Pittsburgh North Golf Club. Thank you to all the sponsors and golfers who showed up to support the event.


2017 AFS Family and friends fall golf outing

The Pittsburgh Chapter of AFS would like to thank all those who participated in this year’s Family and Friends Fall Golf Outing. The outing was held on September 16th at Hartmann’s Deep Valley Golf Course in Harmony Pennsylvania. The Chapter would also like to thank all of the Hartmann’s Deep Valley Golf Course employees, as well as all of the “Hole Sponsors” and those who provided donations for this event. Through their generosity, and with the help of all the generous volunteers, the 2017 AFS Family and Friends Fall Golf Outing was one again a success.



1st Place – Bryan Miller, Joe Blair, Bill Davis, Jason Ridilla



2nd Place



3rd Place




4th Place